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SKS Lord Varahi Idol

SKS Lord Varahi Idol

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Varahi is one of the Matrikas, a group of seven mother goddesses in the Hindu religion. With the head of a sow, Varahi is the shakti (feminine energy, or sometimes, consort) of Varaha, the boar Avatar of the god Vishnu. In Nepal, she is called Barahi. She is the incarnation of Mahalakshmi.
Varahi is worshipped by three major practices of Hinduism: Shaivism (devotees of Shiva), Vaishnavism (devotees of Vishnu) and especially Shaktism (goddess worship). She is usually worshipped at night, using secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices. The Buddhist goddesses Vajravarahi and Marichi are believed to have their origins from the Hindu goddess Varahi.

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Height-3.5 Inches

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