PN-Nava Narasimmar

PN-Nava Narasimmar

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  • Height-12 Inches: Material- Made Of Paper Machie

The most popular out of the nine is his Lakshmi Narasimha form. The nine forms of Narasimha (Nava Narasimha) are

1. Ugra Narasimha

2. Krodha Narasimha

3. Malola Narasimha

4. Jwala Narasimha

5. Varaha Narasimha

6. Bhargava Narasimha

7. Karanja Narasimha

8. Yoga Narasimha

9. Lakshmi Narasimha

Size Specification:-

Height-12 Inches

Material- Made Of Paper Machie

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